Orthodontists for Access™ is dedicated to promoting education about dental specialties as a basic right of all dental patients. This increases access to quality care while improving affordability.

 While an increasing number of Primary Care Dentists attempt to increase their bottom line by performing specialty procedures without the training or qualifications to do so responsibly, we support a family’s right to see a specialist when specialty procedures are required.

We support access to the education patients need to make responsible and informed choices regarding their dental health. We demand that Primary Care Dentists act responsibly and disclose their level of training to patients in need of advanced care. We support patient’s right to choose specialist care when they need specialty procedures.

We support access to quality care for every dental patient, not just those who can afford it. Under the current two-tiered system, those who cannot afford quality health care must go to the cheapest place in town or the only place that takes their insurance, which is often a Primary Care Dentist masquerading as a dental specialist.

We support every patient’s right to access affordable, quality dental care in a clean, safe, friendly environment. We support every patient’s right to expect their health care providers to deliver the best quality care to the greatest number of people.

 We believe every patient deserves a great smile at a price they can afford.

The Conversation

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ASDA gives advice to dentists on how to keep dental fees artificially high for working Arkansans. See for yourself. Check out this link.
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